The Council is active in creating jobs for construction workers within our jurisdiction.  To do that we work with a number of partners.  In addition we work to assure the contractors working within our jurisdiction are following all applicable State and Federal Laws.  The following are resources we utilize to accomplish these tasks.

Project Development

The Council's Charter is issued by the Building Trades Department which is based in Washington, D.C. they give us guidance and assistance in seeking funding for projects, applying political pressure at the Federal level on projects and finding quality contractors to perform projects which we do not have local contractors available to perform work.  They also oversee National Project Labor Agreements and oversee our Local Project Labor Agreements to assure they meet the requirements set down by the Department to maintain quality agreements.  

One of the Departments primary partners on the National level is the Association of Union Constructors.

The AFL-CIO has formed several organizations to provide lending opportunities to qualifying projects. The Housing Investment Trust, Investment Trust Corporation and Building Investment Trust have invested billions of dollars in America's economy during the current economic downturn.

Workers Safety

The Council works hard to assure that construction workers have a safe work environment and that they are being properly paid under applicable State and Federal Laws.  To accomplish this task we utilize several resources.

Nevada has a State administered OSHA plan and our State OSHA is overseen by the Division of Industrial Relations.  Enforcement is provided by Nevada OSHA and consultation and training is provided by SCATS.  The Nevada State Plan applies to all public and private sector employers in the State with the exception of Federal employees, employment on Indian Lands and areas of exclusive Federal jurisdiction.

Especially in Eastern Nevada much of our construction work is done in the mines and while Nevada has a State administered MSHA plan is functions differently than the OSHA plan does.  Inspection and enforcement in the mines is done primarily by Federal MSHA inspectors and while the State MSHA does do inspections and accident investigations their primary role in training.  This has been a good partnership over the years.


While we would prefer all contractors working within our jurisdiction were properly licensed contractors who were not only aware of but willing to follow the State and Federal laws which apply to the projects they are working on, this is not always the case.  To confirm and enforce compliance we utilize several resources.

During these economic times contractors come from everywhere to work in our State, many of them fail to realize that we have fairly restrictive licensing laws here.  These laws require they not only get a contractors license, but that they become properly licensed to do business at both the state and local level.

Once we have verified on contractor is working legally within the state we confirm that they are paying the appropriate wage rates as provided by State and Federal laws.  Many out of state employers do not realize the Nevada minimum wage is always going to be higher than the Federal minimum wage due to a provision in the Nevada Constitution which requires it to be at least $1.00 higher.  Many employers do not realize that our State has a "Little Davis Bacon" which requires our States prevailing wages to be paid on all public works projects which are not funded with Federal money and the higher of the Federal or State wage to be paid on projects which are jointly funded.  Only through enforcement of these laws do we protect our signatory partners from predatory contractors who would come to our State and take advantage of their workers to profit in the construction industry.